A bit of history…

The old days
Mom, Grammy & Uncle Al

From a little girl I’ve always been interested in genealogy. I was one of those children that could sit quietly amongst the old folks and just listen. Perhaps it’s because I was raised with my grandmother or it’s something that is within me, but the history of my family has always been close to my heart. I love old people and old things.

What a great feeling when you start finding out about your ancestors. I’m very fortunate to have many old pictures, so my family branches are all over the house. I feel quite close to them although they are all gone now.
My lineage is French all the way except for some Abenaki Indian language on the Belisle dit LeBorgne side, but not directly in my line. That line has the fascinating character of Chief Madockawando. in it. This is on my father’s mother’s side. It took me many years to crack this line. They came to what is now called Nova Scotia from France in the early 1700’s and were forced to move to New Brunswick and settled on Belisle Bay, which was named after them. During the Acadian expulsion of 1755 some went to Quebec and some to Louisianna.

I have done considerable work on Proulx (my maiden name), Soucie or Soucy, and and Pelletier. I have quite a lot on Ouellette and there is tons of information on this particular name out there. I have also worked on Belisle dit LeBorgne.

Working on my “Family History” is always in my head and whenever I meet someone new, I generally try to guess their heritage and most times will ask them about it.

My husband has English and Irish in his background. He is working on Harvey, and Thirkell (both from England); Constantine and O’Shaughnessy from Cork Co., Ireland.

Have a look at my website! Hopefully you might catch the bug or might find something useful or interesting.


1 thought on “A bit of history…”

  1. Hi everyone, Fran. I just love this photo of Grammy Soucy !That house is on Sheriff Street in Grand Falls. My dad was living there too at the time of this photo I would imagine….Well supposedly mom (A widow in 1930-Alphonse Levesque) lived there too in 1934 to 1935??

    She told me that dad and her we’re together as a couple in that house. I think she got pregnant for me there for me in 1935-But I was born May 8th 1936…But not here they had moved at the end of Sheriff street going to the bridge….At that time midwives delivered babies-And the house where I was born still exist at the end of Sheriff Street…..

    My parents were married Nov 18, 1934 at the rectory at Assumption Catholic Church in Grand Falls. I have their marriage certificate…..(Not to be confusing lol, we know mom & dad were first cousins) More about that later…..*More to follow later about this story of mom & dad……………

    BTW…This house is still a very beautiful house and that porch is still a part of it….Our funeral director in Grand Falls (Pat Kavanaugh now owner) but still has the same business name (Guy L. O’Regan) was raised in that house. A family of 4 boys and one girl. And I know the family very well….More later….Jeannine 🙂


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